Our Service

Specially designed for you.
We help you Every Step of the Way in Your Supply Chain.

Factory for Everyone

Find the perfect manufacturer quickly and easily with Procfit — without going to trade fairs, undertaking long journeys, or having to do frustrating supplier research.

One Main Supplier Instead of Hundreds of Individual Suppliers

Imagine getting everything related to your product from a single source: We source all the suppliers needed for your entire supply chain, from individual parts to assembly and packaging to logistics. Instead of hundreds of suppliers, you’ll only deal with one main supplier as your point of contact for the entire supply chain. This saves you valuable time in terms of supplier management, allowing you to focus on product development, marketing, and customer service, enabling you to conquer your markets in no time.

Comparative Shopping Pays

With Procfit, you can compare the best competing complete-package offers for your supply chain in a transparent manner. This allows you to offer your products at competitive prices to your markets.

Suppliers from Across the Globe

Procfit is connected worldwide, with suppliers in China, India, Central and Eastern Europe. Our on-going and on-site supplier audits (qualification of suppliers) ensure the quality of your suppliers, and thereby, your products. This too saves you time, and enables you to offer your products at competitive prices.

As Flexible as a young company,
as Strong as a Large Corporation

Our global production volume and geographical reach create synergies, enabling a strong negotiation platform that was previously only accessible to medium-sized and large corporations. Thanks to Procfit, you can now leverage these benefits, which were previously reserved only for large companies — your added benefit is that you’re faster and more agile than the “giants”.

Logistics: Worldwide Customer Reach

Our global logistics network covers all the logistics channels: from containers to trucks to air freight. It doesn’t matter whether small or large deliveries are pending. We also source low-cost, safe (sales) packaging for your products.

Eco-Friendly and Fair

Would you like to produce your products in an eco-friendly and fair manner? Our network can help you to find reliable eco-friendly partners in no time. We’ll also ensure that your supply chains are fully transparent.

Competitive Pricing

We ensure your competitiveness, taking your total costs into account. Our goal is to enable you to market your products at unbeatable prices.


We’re your purchasing department, so you don’t have to hire anyone else. An entire team of Procfit purchasing experts work for you.