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We'll find the perfect manufacturer to produce your product

at the best price, in the best quality, quickly and efficiently!

Do you have a brilliant product idea?
Now for the tough part of the process...

Challenge 1: Distance

Most of the cheapest manufacturers aren't located just around the corner. They're usually thousands of kilometers away - this makes it difficult to do an on-site inspection.

Challenge 2: Risk

Quality promises are made by all producers - but what if something is not quite right on delivery? Many start-ups lose their advance payments when this happens.

Challenge 3: Logistics

Logistics - if you lack experience with the logistics process, anticipated delivery dates are often miscalculated, either because of the incorrect shipping method, or having your products delayed at customs due to missing documentation.

But, YOUR worries are over. That's OUR job!

Factory for Everyone has already helped numerous companies find the perfect manufacturer!

This is how you can work with us:

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept all requests because we have so many of them. We only work with those companies which we believe present the best potential for success. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Fill out the questionnaire

Give us some info on your company

Step 2

Potential Analysis

If your application is promising, we will analyze your specifications via telephone and check if there are suitable factories/manufacturers out there.

Step 3

Your Offer

We forward a manufacturer, including the production costs and delivery times. At this point you decide if you want to accept the offer

What happens during the first consultation?

With proper preparation, you’ve already won half the battle. In our free first consultation, one of our professionals will help you analyze your idea. You’ll be given an initial assessment of the feasibility and delivery date — after that, we’ll go on a quest to find the best manufacturer!

Once we‘ve found the perfect manufacturer for your needs, we'll take care of all communication, logistics and paperwork!

Your vision
for your product

Factory for Everyone
does it all for you!

Once you hold the product in your hands, you can start selling

This is what the media says about Factory for Everyone

These Trade Expert Provide Start-Up Aid for Start-Ups

Margot Königshofer helps new companies handle their production and logistics processes.

Product production usually requires multiple suppliers and manufacturers – compiling the individual parts, assembling them, then packaging and shipping the final product. Communicating with so many contact persons, in many different companies, is arduous and time-consuming! With us, one contact person takes care of everything, taking your instructions and passing them on to the right people.

With Factory for Everyone, you can compare the best total-package supply chain offers transparently. This guarantees the best conditions for marketing your products at the most competitive prices.

Factory for Everyone has worldwide connections, with suppliers in China, India, Central and Eastern Europe. We scrutinize the production process and working conditions on-site, on your behalf, thereby ensuring the quality of your suppliers and products.

Due to our immense production volumes, Factory for Everyone can leverage discounted production prices, which is usually reserved for global brands and corporations. As a start-up or medium-sized company, you can leverage unbeatable prices, even for small production quantities.

Would you like to produce your products in a fair and eco-friendly way? We ensure that fair wages, adequate working conditions, and sustainable production methods are maintained on-site – 100% transparent and justifiable!

Who are we?

Negotiation, Shipping, Contracts – Our team of more than 250 experts has exactly the right specialist for your business! Whether it’s foodstuffs, electronics, fashion, packaging, plastic, etc. you’ll be allocated a purchasing expert with years of experience in your field!

Margot Königshofer

CEO | Founder

As founder and Head of the Procfit GmbH, Margot and her team have successfully completed more than 700 supply chain projects. No matter what your order quantity, which industry or country you are in, there is no purchasing project that Margot has not yet experienced and successfully completed. Her considerable experience helps you to securely master the hurdles and pitfalls of international shopping.


Margot Königshofer

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