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Imagine, you get everything about your product from a single source: We procure all suppliers for your entire supply chain from the individual parts on the assembly and packaging to logistics. Instead of hundreds of suppliers, you will later only get one main supplier to contact you for your supply chain. This will save valuable supplier management time and allow you to focus on product development, marketing and customer service to quickly conquer your markets.

With Procfit, you can transparently compare the best competing supply chain deals across your supply chain. This allows you to offer your products at competitive prices in your markets.

Procfit is networked worldwide with suppliers in China, India, Central and Eastern Europe. Our ongoing supplier audits (qualification of suppliers) on site ensure the quality of your suppliers and thus of your products. This also saves you time and allows you to offer your products at competitive prices.

Our global production volume and geographic reach create tremendous synergies and strong negotiation positions that were previously reserved for mid-sized and large companies. Thanks to Procfit, even tinkerers, startups and smaller companies now enjoy the bundling effects and purchasing power that was previously reserved for large companies - only that you are faster and more agile than the "big ones".

You want to produce your products green and fair? Here, too, we help you out of our network to quickly find reliable partners. And here, too, we make your supply chains transparent.

We ensure your competitiveness with regard to your total costs. Our goal is to be able to offer your products at unbeatable prices on the market.

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